A Brush with Greatness…

I am working out of my home studio which is my normal.  Each member of my family is leaving their respective homes to go to work each day which is their normal.  What isn’t normal is their newfound significance as essential.  My husband and most of my children work in the grocery business.  The one child who is not involved in the grocery business works in a lab and is soon transferring to a lab directly involved with COVID-19 testing.  What’s a wife and mom to do?  Social media posts and commentary celebrating healthcare workers, grocery workers, delivery personnel, utility workers and all the other workers who are considered essential to our common good is wonderful to see and hear.  And it goes without saying that this gratitude is well deserved.

A case in point, my husband and his team recently had the good fortune to be recognized for their efforts for not only going to work every single day and facing exposure to COVID-19 but also for making the best of a sometimes (mostly?) stressful situation.  As I mentioned before, the have been numerous posts thanking essential workers, including grocery store employees.  Some posts had intimated their newfound super hero status in the wake of this Pandemic.  These guys took that and ran with it, planning a super hero day for the employees to dress as their favorite super hero.  This was well received and many participated.  What no one expected was that it would become news.



The team dressed up on Tuesday, April 21.  They took lots of pictures and shared them with friends and family.  But one team member took it a step further and started sharing a video she made of the stills on various social media platforms, somewhat in answer to the collective question – what are we doing to make a difference and get through this crisis– and guess what?  Someone took notice!

Sunday night, my husband receives a text from one of this team members that Brad Paisley – yes the country star – wanted to talk with the group and would they be open to a Zoom meeting?  My husband looked at me and asked if this was for real.  My response was along the lines of there’s only one way to find out.

Flash forward to Monday where the Facebook post with Brad’s commentary and the video of stills along with screen shots of their Zoom meeting garnered over 116k views by 6 pm EST that night.  Then, this morning they were further honored when Good Morning America shared Brad’s post with the country as their Play of the Day.

Wow, talk about unexpected and well-deserved.  I can’t say enough about the celebrities who are out there using their influence to help.  It doesn’t start or end here though.  Brad and his wife, Kimberly Williams, recently worked with community members to open a free grocery store in Nashville for those experiencing financial hardship.  Then he finds time to celebrate others such as this recent kindness to our very own Wegmans Dewitt.  Follow Brad Paisley on social media and you will see that he is consistently looking for people making a difference and taking a moment to thank them and throw a little light their way.

Thank you to Wegmans Dewitt for doing what you can to keep spirits up while keeping everyone safe.  Thank you to all the essential workers out there doing your part and making us see that there is more good in this world than maybe we took note of before.  Last, but not least thanks to Brad Paisley for caring and sharing.

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