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Bathroom Updates – Adding Texture

The bathroom is often considered a place for comfort. A space to gather yourself after a long day and put yourself together before the start of a new one. While a relaxing vibe is desirable, there’s no reason for dull design and outdated decor. There are various ways to spruce up your bathroom space without taking away from a calming and cozy atmosphere.

Even if a full remodel isn’t in your future, you can still add interest and refresh your bathroom by adding texture.

1. A gorgeous backdrop

Consider wallpaper to make a stylish and complex statement on your walls.   Alternatively, a tiled wall behind a vanity or in the shower adds great texture and character.

2. Let your mirror make a statement

A bold mirror is a step in the right direction when updating your bathroom.  Find an unusual shape or a frame with an interesting texture to complement the overall tone of your bathroom.

wallpaper, mirror, powder room

The hammered texture of the mirror frame adds textural interest and complements the overall tone of the space.

3. Look to the window

Another way to add depth is through a window treatment.  Not only does it add privacy, it introduces color, pattern, or texture to the room.

window treatment, lighting, bathroom

The fabric, trim, and design of the window treatment add dimension and interest in this bathroom.

4. Decorate

Your options aren’t limited to traditional washroom decor and toiletries in the bath.  Hang some art and place vases and plants near the sink.

5. Consider new hardware

An easy way to up-level your bathroom is new hardware.  Consider new hardware that has a different texture, shape, or material than your existing pieces.

While the bathroom is a small living space, it can still make a statement.  Adding textural details to the space creates visual interest and makes the room feel refreshed.

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