Getting your dining room ready for fall

by Jennifer Pysnack | October 25th, 2019 | Design Inspiration

There’s a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that fall has arrived. From cozy nights cuddled up around the fireplace with hot apple cider in hand to days spent walking through the apple orchard in your favorite over-sized sweater, there are so many different sensational scenarios that make you thankful for the change of seasons. If you want to complement the way you feel when you’re outdoors inside the comfort of your home, you may consider sprucing up your dining room this time of year.

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or simply want to enhance your entertainment space, here are a few ways to get your dining room ready for fall:

Try a subtle color scheme
It’s easy to bust out the reds, oranges and browns in the form of tablecloths, napkins, placemats and other decor, but that’s expected. Instead of following a traditional fall color scheme this year, why not wow your guests with a modern twist? Something as subtle as brown accents among white decor can add a refreshing touch to your living space. Add a touch of black into the scheme for bold contrast – and even a small hint of Halloween, if you will.

“An area rug can be your saving grace when a room feels like it’s missing something.”

Make the space more cozy with an area rug
This time of year is when the cold starts to roll in, often reminding us that winter and snowfall is just a few short months away. If you want to keep your guests cozy during their stay, add a large area rug to the floor of the dining area. Not only does this make the space more comfortable, but it adds another layer of design and dimension to the living space. They say an area rug has the power to complete a room, and this can be your saving grace if your dining space feels like it’s missing something.

Create a harvest centerpiece
If you’re looking for a simple way to make a major statement for fall in the dining room, opt for a harvest centerpiece. A mixture of pumpkins and gourds makes a gorgeous option that can last from the first day of fall up until the day you’re ready to decorate for Christmas. Step it up a notch with fake leaves and branches for a rustic touch.

Fill the room with candles
There’s something so welcoming and soothing about the scent of a fall candle. From pumpkin spice and apple orchard to autumn air and rustling leaves, there are so many decadent choices out there. Fill the dining room with an assortment to illuminate the space and make it more fragrant than ever.

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