Find a Pro Services and When to Use Them

By Decorating Den Interiors/Jen Pysnack  May 6, 2020.

You know those moments when you’re sitting and looking around your home thinking…I really need to do something with this space?  Maybe a coat of paint will work wonders, but what color?  Or, maybe your sofa has seen better days and replacing that large sagging behemoth in your living room is your number one priority.  Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home and need some window treatments to control light and privacy.  Can you do it yourself?  If not, who is out there to help?  Many times in this situation homeowners turn to pro finder services like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, or, to name a few.  How do you know when it’s the right time to reach out and create a request for quote on one of these platforms?  Consider the following:

  1. Are you ready to commit to the process?

Will you take the time to actually speak with and possibly meet with a designer who responds to your request?  We can’t tell you how many times we have responded to leads received through these services and then…cue the crickets.  How can we help if we get no response?

  1. What is it you wish to accomplish?

With this question, we are simply trying to understand the scope of your project.  Such as:

      • Do you have a defined style and just can’t find what you are looking for?
      • Are you completely lost and truly don’t know where to start?
      • Do you wish to redo one room or three?
  1. How much you are willing to invest to see this project through?

This isn’t something you necessarily need to share on the first phone call, but it is something that you and any other decision maker in your household need to know and agree on.  If you don’t know what you can comfortably afford to invest in updating your home how can you begin the process?

Whether your project is a consulting engagement or a concept to completion design package (the best value) we at Decorating Den Interiors are happy to work with you.  At Decorating Den Interiors when you opt for a concept to completion design package our process is collaborative.  You’ll have choices, you’ll know your cost which includes our time for designing, sourcing, purchasing, and managing your project right through delivery and installation of your selected items, before you sign the sales order.

Whether you’ve been on Pinterest for hours on end, surfed Houzz to no avail, or spent more time than you care to admit bingeing on HGTV please be sure to give the above information some thought before generating a request for quote from a pro finder service.  Design professionals are primarily small business owners who absorb a cost for each and every inquiry through services of this type.  If you aren’t sure where you are in the process of updating your space, why not try a Google search for local interior designers?  At Decorating Den Interiors, we have loads of information available on our website.  You can also join our Community of Design Insiders and receive our monthly email newsletter.  This is a fabulous way to learn more about us and the products and design services we offer.

Happy Decorating!


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