What Your Interior Designer Considers Before Recommending a Sofa

by Decorating Den/Jen Pysnack| April 17th, 2020 | How We Work

Working with an Interior Designer is a bit of a luxury experience.  It certainly isn’t for someone who is stretched thin financially.  But when you weigh the cost of purchasing large furniture pieces that aren’t comfortable or suitable for your home, even after the fabled “sit” test at your local furniture store, is it really affordable not to?  Here are 5 things your interior designer will consider before recommending a sofa:

  1. How you like to lounge

Sofas come in varying heights, widths, and depths and these measurements affect comfort.  Knowing how you like to lounge tells your designer what to look for in a sofa.

  1. That a good frame is a good investment

Spending more for a quality frame will see you through many years of lounging in comfort.  There is a reason some sofas are priced low.  Interior designers know the difference and will guide you away from costly mistakes.

  1. Cushions can make all the difference

When it comes to cushions, back and seat, what’s inside can impact comfort, upkeep, and durability.  Your designer will ask you questions to ascertain the perfect cushion construction for you.

  1. Fabric

Whether you want bold color, pattern, or a neutral, your choice of fabric will have an impact on your room.  You may favor a certain material, but may not know it needs  to be protected from sunlight to limit fading or that it is more prone to wrinkling, your designer does.  Performance fabrics are increasing in popularity but all are not created equal.  Designers know which performance fabrics are durable and stain resistant along with other important fabric characteristics.

  1. Measure twice…

Designers know how to analyze the room measurements and other aspects of your home in order to recommend the appropriate sized sofa for your room.  There is nothing worse than buying furniture that doesn’t fit the room.  Designers understand scale and proportion and exercise this knowledge in making their recommendations for your home.

Buying furniture is an investment and working with a professional will assure a positive outcome.  Can you really afford not to work with an interior designer?

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