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Amidst the uncertainty and the unprecedented change in lifestyle for each and every one of us these days, it is important to hold on to what we can.  Staying in touch with family and friends via technology, preparing home-cooked meals, making the occasional dessert, exercising, and getting a breath of fresh air are all things we can do to stay connected to our previous lives and to pass the time presently.  First and foremost, I hope that you and your family members are safe and healthy.  To those working in essential businesses  – thank you for all you do and for putting yourselves out there every single day.

Since most of us have more time at home now than ever before, I plan to write a few more blog posts this month than I typically do.  Because we all have differing situations and obligations, it is difficult to write a post that speaks to everyone, so please understand that not everything I share will be relevant to you.   But for those of you who are working at home, remotely, this one’s for you.

I came across an article recently and thought I would share a few lines with you here.  The back links for the full article and related information are included below.  This is all in good fun in the hope to interject a little humor into your new normal.  Cheers!

  • Social distancing measures are causing people to spend most of their time at home, including couples who normally don’t work together—and as a result, people are learning way more about their partners.
  • Here are some of the funniest tweets and responses to come out of this objectively anxiety-inducing situation.

Thanks to much-needed social distancing measures, many people are cooped up in their homes for the foreseeable future. Those who can work from home, are.

For many, the coronavirus pandemic has meant a major adjustment. In the Before Times, people spent the majority of their days apart from their loved ones, either at school, work, or that far-off idea called “outdoor activities.” Now, people are faced with the challenge of living and working alongside their partners—or family members, or roommates—’round the clock.

A common response to non-stop working from home with your loved one? Making the house seem more like the office, with jokes that Michael Scott would appreciate.

Laura Lexx@lauralexx

My husband and I are both working from home and he’s just sent round a memo about a total ban on office relationships.


1:17 PM – Mar 19, 2020

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guillotines for cake-eating teens@HalstedMedieval

my wife, a lawyer, is working from home. i believe this *technically* makes the pugs paralegals


8:25 AM – Mar 16, 2020

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Day 3 of working from home: I just walked by the kitchen and said “Crazy weather we’ve been having. Any big plans for the weekend?” to my wife


10:29 AM – Mar 19, 2020

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Twitter is flooded with similar stories from couples who are learning all about their spouses and housemates while working from home. These stories are proof that people are still managing to find the humor during this decidedly difficult situation. As it turns out, laughter is one possible side effect of your world shrinking to the size of your house.

Source Article: Couples Are Discovering Hilarious Things About Each Other While Working From Home

Written By: Elena Nicolaou

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