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Adding an area rug

From the original article published in the Manlius Hills Newsletter (an N2 publication), February 2021 issue.

Why should you add an area rug?  Have you ever finished decorating a room in your home and it still seems like something’s missing? As if there’s one final piece of decor that could potentially bring the room together, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Here’s a hint: Look down. If your hardwood – or fully carpeted – floors seem dull or too exposed, perhaps an area rug is the finishing touch you need.

Not sure if the investment is worth it? Here are a few reasons you should own an area rug:

1. Create a focal point

Artwork on the floor!  Those few words perfectly describe the beauty and uniqueness that a carefully designed and crafted area rug can provide for your home.  Area rugs are true conversation pieces in your home and allow you to express your individuality by bringing character into a room.   An area rug can make a dramatic statement, as shown in the room above.

2. Area rugs – form and function 

Area rugs are the foundation of any space.  Rugs are also a great problem solver.  With wood floors and ceramic tile so prominent in today’s homes, area rugs offer both protection for your floors and cushioned comfort for your feet.

colorful wool rug in front entry

When placed over tile or hardwood floors, area rugs will warm up your room, and help with sound.

3. To add a new element of style

Does your room seem dull and lacking, maybe a little too safe?  If big and bold wall colors, furniture pieces or light fixtures isn’t your style, make it happen with a colorful area rug.

colorful area rug in transitional dining room

An area rug can add a completely new element of style to your room.

An area rug allows you to make a change without going permanent.  If you are looking for a big statement without committing to any serious renovations, an area rug is a simple solution.  So why not add a splash of color and texture to your living or family rooms, or lend warmth to the dining room or kitchen?  Whatever style you choose, an area rug will create the perfect look for you and your home.

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